B3 BFR Bands in Therapy and Rehab

Why is BFR with B3 Bands
Becoming So Popular

• Protocols don’t change, you still do the same exercises

• Your patients & clients achieve a more efficient
& deeper muscle fatigue

• Patients love BFR, they immediately notice
a positive pump and light burn in their muscles

• B3 Bands are safe & have been proven in
safety studies
due to the multi-air-chamber design

Therapists and Rehab Centers all across the USA have implemented B3 Bands

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Why Should You Use B3 Bands

• Affordable
• Easy-to-use in clinic
• Patients can easily use at home
• Free 30 day coaching for everyone...ensures results
• Large exercise and rehab video library

30 day money back guarantee
•12 month warranty

Why is Nitric Oxide Important?

• Typical rehab cannot create a deep enough
muscle hypoxia to release nitric oxide

• Injured and repaired tissues experience reduced
blood flow which slows healing

• The hypoxia created by BFR is similar to high
intensity exercise, which promotes nitric oxide

• Increased nitric promotes increase blood flow to the tissues

• Better blood flow results in faster clearing of
inflammation and faster healing

Why is Growth Hormone Important?

• Typical rehab cannot create a fatigue in
fast twitch muscle fibers

• Without activation & fatigue of fast twitch
fibers, there is no increased growth hormone

• Injured and repaired tissues heal slower
without the benefit of growth hormone

• BFR allows you to access and fatigue the fast twitch muscle fibers

• This activates post exercise growth
hormone & healing time decreases significantly

• Return to normal muscle strength and
function increases significantly

B3 BFR Rehab Programs

B3 is Safe for Light Exercise and Rehab

Exercise: Walking

• These findings suggest that at-risk populations can perform BFR without fear of overt cardiovascular risk.
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Safety Study Yoga

• We found that there were no further elevations in arterial blood pressure and myocardial oxygen demand when    / B Strong Bands were added to yoga practices.

• Our findings indicate that / B Strong Bands can be applied to yoga while avoiding unfavorable hemodynamic responses and preserving the intended effects on muscle hypertrophy.
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