B3 BFR Bands for Glutes

Build Bigger, Stronger Glutes in Just 4 Minutes a Day

Do BFR Bands Work for Glutes?

With B3 BFR Bands, you can build bigger, stronger glutes in just 4 minutes a day.

Do the workout above 4-5x per week and see your glute muscles grow FAST.

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How do BFR Bands Grow Glutes?

 Bands create 4 Profound Effects in the Body that are significant factors in building muscle:

A Big Nitric Oxide Release
Complete Slow & Fast Twitch Fiber Recruitment
A Deeper Fast Twitch Muscle Fatigue
Big post BFR Growth Hormone Surge

When you combine these 4 effects in the body, you will see significant Muscle Hypertrophy & Strength Changes.

These 4 effects are not typically attainable with normal strength training, but with B3 Bands it is easy... and can be done in just minutes a day!

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Who Should do BFR for Glutes?

Adding BFR Bands to your workout regimen allows you to workout with lighter or no weight at all, reducing load and pain on the body. B3 BFR Bands are perfect for at home exercise. Say goodbye to lifting heavy weights in the gym and being sore the next day. Practically anyone at any age can use B3 Bands to grow their Glute muscles!